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Colour Me Happy! Add Punch to Your Wedding Day with These Trendy Decor Themes

I ndia is surely identified around the world by the riot of colours seen in our everyday life, our streets and bazaars, even our breathtakingly vibrant landscapes! Imagine taking these lively hues to our festivals and of course, our grand weddings. Wedding decor, in India, has in the recent times moved beyond the traditional reds, pinks and peaches and embraced the Kitsch over-exaggerated look to make the wedding a stand-out! Here are the most eye-catching decor themes for your wedding:

The Peacock Parade

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There’s no doubt that the peacock is one of the best looking birds around. It’s proud tail is tinted with mesmerizing shades of blue, green and gold that would fancy up your wedding. You can dress up your venue with the peacock-inspired drapes, add those pretty blue orchids to your centerpieces and decor and even recreate a sweeping tail-tailored seat decoration at your reception. If you are looking to add a touch of regality to your wedding day, there’s little that will beat the royal peacock theme!

Orange is the New Pink

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Since the days of our grandparents, pink has been a vital element in weddings. Reinvent the classic decor theme, by pairing the pink with the gallant electric orange to make your wedding the talk of the town. Instead of using toned-down shades of pink, we recommend that you go all out and embrace the rani pink and pair it with an equally bright orange. Complete the look with plenty of happy marigolds peeking through the colour coordinated drapes all around the venue. And not stopping with the décor, you can also orange theme your photo booth – with a decorated cycle or a cart or even with an ornate, see-through frame!

The Electric Combination

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There can be no better way to announce your wedding to the world than by selecting a décor that will electrify the atmosphere, literally! Quirky combinations of fresh greens and bright reds, accompanied by generous splashes of yellows and sky blues and of course glimpses of deep purple and gold here and there is sure to give an aura of eccentricity and awe to your celebrations. You can also play with patterns making them very visual and graphical; be it decorating the mantap or the gazebo. With so many colours to play with there are no limits to personalising your vibrantly electric décor!

50 Shades of Unusual

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Weddings are no longer static in their expressions; since past few years, unusual colour themes are also getting a front seat while planning wedding décor. Wine purple and mauve, rose and coral pink, mint and sage green, teal, lavender, amber, bright white and many such colours are finding a significant place in the Indian weddings. It can also be great fun experimenting with these colours as they are versatile and can be quirkily extended to different décor elements such as one-of-a-kind flower ensemble, extraordinary lighting preferences, dream-line stage scenery and more!


Go Mellow with Yellow

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Looking for a refreshing breezy theme for your big do? Choose fluorescent, bright or lemon yellow to go with a pristine white or a subtle brown décor. Perfect for a summer wedding (especially if its outdoors), you can have yellow roses coupled with fragrant jasmine strewn on the bride’s entrance. On the guest tables, you can feature glass vases filled with crystals and beautiful yellow petals. And the dinner counters can be filled up with yellow cupcakes topped with cream, bottles of lemonade and even a tiered-cake that sports the colours. You can also give a traditional twist by using haldi as part of the décor by placing haldi filled ornate copper or brass rose bowls around the mantap.

The Evergreen Party

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With the refreshing monsoon season bringing with it velvety green mountains and lush green covers all over, don’t think twice to have a green themed outdoor wedding!

Taking inspiration from the nature, use flowy multi-green drapes for your mantap while lacing beautiful peachy roses and pink buds with green leaves to adorn the stage. The tables can be decorated with fresh green sheets having tea light lamps surrounded by vibrant flower petals. You can also create canopy lights of emerald green and white to give your wedding an ethereal touch!

Picking one of these trendy wedding themes, or using them as a springboard to create your own theme, can truly make your wedding an event to remember!

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