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Effortlessly Personalize Your Wedding Day

Indian weddings are all about celebrating cultures and traditions and of course, having a splendid festive time with family and friends! Most importantly though, it is one of the most profound life changing moments for the couple getting married. This is the day that marks the beginning of a beautiful journey for the couple, a vital turning point in their lives together!

The wedding trends are seeing massive changes with regards to themes and the arrangements families want for this once-in-a-lifetime event. The drift to hire wedding specialists to personalise weddings is on the rise since past few years. Dedicated wedding planners assist the bride and groom in the complete planning and execution of their special day; taking care of the minutest of the details for the spectrum of activities involved in the wedding. Not just arranging a spectacular wedding, their incidental role is that of a resilient sound board; one who handles all the tensions capably and all the last-minute snags efficiently.

Especially, they customise weddings to a large extent by bringing together all the elements important to the bride and groom. Envisioning a certain kind of wedding and actually living the dream is indeed a great feeling; and that is no longer a remote possibility, rather a happy reality these days.

Wedding architects as they are called, organise all the revelries in the blink of an eye. Right from the invitations, to the tablespace and the curios, to the stage settings and the return gifts, they weave all the nitty-gritties together and create an unique theme tailored to individual tastes and fancies. In this blog we are outlining the numerous possibilities and ways in which you can personalise your wedding, in no additional time.

The customized Venue

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The ultimate personalization can be done by getting married at your favourite location anywhere in the world. Destination weddings are one of the trendiest and coolest ideas these days; and not without a reason! Be it in the deepest forests on earth, or underwater, even in a hot air balloon, there can be no better exhilaration than celebrating the D-day with paramount fanfare and enthusiasm at your preferred location!

Personalizing the decor

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The tiny details add to the larger picture, always. Similarly, you can monogram all the petite factors which add to different aspects of the wedding. The flower presentations, the facias, the aesthetic drapes, the candles and many other décor trinkets, even the paper napkins on the dining tables, all can be colour coded to create a pristine unique theme all over the venue. It not only enhances your favourite colour but also makes for a curated decoration!

Customizing the backdrop

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The wedding ambiance can be augmented to a great extent with a magnificent backdrop! Aesthetic object d’arts and traditional backdrops adorned with flowers, crystals, drapes adapted to your choice can be used to individualise the stage milieu. It can be savvied further by adding a digital signage adjacent to the stage showcasing the intimate as well as amusing family moments.

Music for every mood

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Music can add volumes to the spirit of the wedding! And there can be nothing like a curated playlist to keep the mood uplifted throughout! Variety of songs from desi Bollywood party hits for the Sangeet to soulful old Hindi numbers played during the Mehandi ceremony set the tone of the different occasions in the wedding.

Stylising the Cuisine

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Food is considered to be the most important part of any ceremony and weddings are no exception. The wedding extravaganza can be made memorable with handpicked fine and exotic cuisine choices suiting the wedding theme; peanut chatpata snacks for a Mela theme or a continental menu for a Sufi wedding theme. Of course, a lavish spread with scrumptious cuisines can be a major energy booster for the bride and groom during the hectic day!

Specialised Outdoor landscape

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If you want an outdoor wedding, there are plenty directions to explore with regards to the landscape settings and the décor choices. An informal landscape can be designed keeping in mind the informal mingling between the guest and the bride and groom. Or a traditional landscape with separate stage and seating sections can be made based on your choices. Also, your favourite motifs can be extended to all the theme arrangements to make them the highlight of the wedding!

Entrance fashioning

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The entrance for the bride and groom can be customised comprehensively for any kind of wedding. Personal fancies can be highlighted utmost in the entrance; the groom fulfilling his childhood wish to ride to his wedding on a Harley Davidson, or the bride wanting a mile long entrance in a beautiful doli can all be made possible effortlessly!

Invitation Crafting

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Invitation can be a great mode for self-expression. The marriage story itself can be decorated through the invitation storyboard and now with e-invites taking precedence in multiple weddings, even sky is not the limit while designing the wedding invite!

Return Gift; Sorted!

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Indian weddings indeed follow the phrase “Atithi Devo Bhava” meaning “Guest is the same as God” and the best way to extend respect towards them is to shower them with personalised return gifts. Especially bridesmaid and groomsmen who are the pillars of strength for the bride and groom, can be gifted custom-made hampers to show gratitude and love for all their support during the wedding preparations.

Personalised weddings are charming and when arranged with attention and precision, they can be a delightful affair! To organise your bespoke wedding, call The Wedding Chimes at 8861033338/9 or visit the website to know more.

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