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Five ideas to make your monsoon wedding the most romantic affair of this season!

I f there was a survey on the most romantic season of the year, we are sure that the majority will sway towards the monsoon season. As rightfully immortalised in the movies, the grey skies and pitter patter of the rain adds to the allure of the season. So, if you are planning your grand wedding during this time, the monsoon will provide plenty of inspiration to make your wedding a dreamy, romance-filled affair. Here are a few ideas that will help you plan your grand monsoon nuptials.

Under Your Umbrella

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You know the monsoon has arrived, in its full glory, when the umbrellas are out in full display. And, at your wedding, you can use them as props to add a touch of whimsy. You can choose sober colours if you are aiming for an elegant look or you can go all out and embrace the bold pinks and oranges to highlight the umbrella décor. Alternately, you can use the umbrella canopy for your grand entrance to make it stand out.

Pitch A Tent

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When choosing a venue for a monsoon wedding, most people shy away from picking an outdoor space. Actually, monsoon is the best time to opt out of an indoor wedding and enjoy the cool natural breeze, the pleasant rain aroma and of course the occasional shower meant to lift the spirits! To make the most of this, you can get your decorator to build a waterproof tent that hosts your guests. And this needn’t be an ordinary tent. You can use flowy drapes and twinkling lights in vibrant colours to complement and contrast the weather!

Keep It Hot, Hot, Hot

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With the balmy weather outside, it’s only natural that you serve your guests some piping hot treats during the wedding. For starters, you can serve up hot cups of chai and pakoras – the perfect combination for the season; not to forget hot chocolate for kids and adults too! You can also have jalebi, parathas, samosas, and chaat counters to make your wedding party a one-of-a-kind monsoon affair. These quintessential monsoon treats will ensure that guests enjoy your wedding to the hilt.

Water It Down

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Embrace the water elements for your monsoon nuptials as they will add beauty to your wedding. You can plan your wedding in natural settings with lush green lawns and a water body nearby. Or you can recreate the magic in the city by constructing an elaborate waterfall in your resort wedding. If you are looking for a slice of quirky, you can have decor details like strings of boats or paper birds around the wedding venue. For a classier feel, you can go for hangings such as crystal planters that you can fill up with water and petals or with glowing candles.

The Rain Goddess

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A monsoon wedding cannot be deemed complete if the bride and the groom don’t look like the rain gods themselves. You can incorporate the various colours of the monsoon in your attire for the day. Silver lehengas with airy, transparent dupattas; or sherwanis in stately grey will look perfect. If you want to stick to traditional colours, you can go for the gorgeous colours nature displays during this time – lush greens, mellow yellows – to complement your monsoon wedding.

While everyone goes for a summer or a winter wedding in India, you can choose to stand out from the crowd and go for a spectacular monsoon wedding. If you have any idea on how to make a monsoon wedding more gorgeous, do share them with us!

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