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Flowers, Lanterns And Umbrellas: Here’s How You Can Decorate The Ceiling At Your Wedding Venue

I magine a room decked out to the nines with tables covered in fine linens, gorgeous centerpieces and a stage perfectly complementing the bride and groom. And now visualise the ceiling, a spectacle in itself, gilded in radiance and extravaganza. On your special day, let the ceiling be the show-stopper for your beautiful indoor wedding. Here’s exactly how you can go about doing it:

Light It Up

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The easiest way to transform a ceiling is with bright luminescent lights! Strings of fairy lights can add a magical touch to your wedding venue and won’t really hurt your pocket. To add an extra dose of sparkle, you can prop the lights vertically so that they hang low and twinkle brightly. If you’d like to go fancier, then, hang a crowd of paper lanterns or even metal lantern cases with candles in them. These will add plenty of romance to the air. Such ideas are suggested by top wedding planners in Bangalore.

In The Bloom

Flowers can always add pep at a wedding no matter where they are placed. You can have a canopy of fresh, colourful blooms (these can range from marigolds to jasmine and lilies) suspended from the ceiling. Or you can even hang, say, single roses from strings. If you aren’t very keen on too many flowers, go for greenery. Lengthy lines of leaves or creepers can be hung around lanterns or metal rings. These will give your venue a fresh look and will make it pop. You can even use bare branches entwined with fairy lights to make stunning ceiling centrepieces. Wedding decorations can always light up the aura of your wedding venue.

A Touch Of Whimsy

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With sumptuous opportunities to add varied elements, you can really experiment while decorating the ceiling. To stand out from the crowd, you can hang colourful umbrellas. In Indian weddings, the ones adorned with embroidery and mirror work look beautiful. You can also hang kalire (accessories worn by a bride on her hands) to add sheen to the setting. Or dream catchers made from trinkets. Feathery tassels will work well too.

Colour Me Happy

If you have a simplistic wedding in mind, then you can use understated colours for ceiling decor. A great way to grab your guests’ attention would be craft a massive canopy of colourful streamers or buntings overhead. You can also sign up for colourful pom poms or giant flowers made with paper.

Dream Drapes

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Since Indian weddings tend to be so colourful, just adding metres of drapes to the ceiling can do the trick. You don’t have to stick to understated whites or pale pinks, instead go for bright yellows, rani pinks and deep reds. In no time, your venue will be decked out like the town’s most happening wedding party. For maximum effect, get your decorator to place the lights in a way that adds to the gorgeousness of the drapes. The wedding decorators in Bangalore are always trying to come up with such unique ideas.

When you plan your wedding, ensure that every bit of your wedding venue reflects the joyous occasion. Using simple materials available locally, you can ensure that your wedding ceiling casts a spell on your guests.

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