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Getting Hitched? Here 5 Easy Tips That Will Help You Get Fit For Your Big Day!

Your wedding is a whole new chapter in your life. And, believe us, you want to be super ready for it! Being in great shape, physically and mentally, not just ensures that you look amazing on D-Day but you’ll also be able to breeze through your demanding schedule (and meeting up with countless guests) with aplomb. The good news is that getting healthy can be done with a few simple lifestyle changes, like these:

Drink Up!

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Nope, we don’t mean any fancy drinks, but water! During the months leading to your wedding, you’ll probably be running around (many-a-times in circles) to get all the arrangements in place. Instead of reaching out for a fizzy cola or a sugar-loaded fruit juice, every time you find your throat parched, go for a refreshing glass of H2O instead. Drink at least 4 litres of water a day to feel fresh and fit! And what’s not to love about water? It’s got zero calories, boosts your energy levels and leaves you with a glowing skin. Not to forget, consider top wedding planners in Bangalore in order to get a stress free wedding experience.

Get Moving

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The minute a wedding date is announced, brides and grooms usually make a frantic dash for the gym. And for the first few days they sweat it out, literally, at the gym. But as the wedding day gets nearer and there are a gazillion things to do, you may find it hard to squeeze in time for long workouts at the gym. Don’t give up just yet! Instead fill up your day with activity. Get up and walk whenever you can and go for a brisk 20-minute walk in the evenings or early mornings. You can even look up for simple exercise videos on the internet that will help you tone up from the comfort of your home.

Bust Stress

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Only in the movies are weddings non-stressful, breezy affairs. In reality, the stress levels could go through the ceiling. Whether your dress is in a mess or you forgot to invite your mother’s sister’s daughter’s in-laws!, just remember it’s not worth the insanity. To stay cool and composed, consider taking up meditation. Just 10 to 15 minutes a day will make a world of difference. A relieving session of Yoga will not just give you that additional energy, but also the calm to handle any situation! It may also be a great to meet up with friends and hang out with your loved ones. A fun night out will surely help you kiss your stress goodbye.

Eat Right

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This one’s a no-brainer actually. No, no, don’t get us wrong, we aren’t recommending those punishing fad diets. Simply making healthy food choices can work wonders as well. Stock up your kitchen (and office) cabinets with healthy snacks like nuts, fruits, and baked crispies instead of junk food. If you are staying at home, this is also a great time to gorge on your mommy’s khana – simple, flavourful meals that help you meet your fitness goals.

Sleep On It

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Get your beauty sleep, it’s important. A good 7 – 8 hour snooze not just keeps your energy levels up through the day but also helps you look youthful, keeps your stress levels down and aids you in meeting your body weight goals. So, you can basically just sleep your way to being a gorgeous bride or groom on your special day. It doesn’t get better than that, does it? Booking the best wedding planners in Bangalore is the right thing to do!

Getting fit for your wedding doesn’t involve moving mountains. Small, easy steps in the right direction will get you on the path to fitness. And by the time your wedding is done, these routines will probably become part of your lifetime habits that you can practice and benefit from everyday. Cheers to happy and healthy living!!

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