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Planning A Wedding? Here Are a Few Practical Tips On Crafting A Wedding Budget

Weddings can be expensive affairs. Especially if you plan to have the entire family-tree at the do and not have it at the local registrar’s office. But if you don’t want to blow up your savings and your parent’s bank accounts too, it’s best that you take time to plan a budget and work out how much you are willing to spend on your special day. Here are a few tips by wedding planners that will help you determine your wedding budget easily:

Paint A Picture

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There are some people who would have imagined their wedding since they were teenagers and others who don’t think about it till the wedding date is fixed. Whichever way you think, it is important that you discuss with your partner about what you want, together. Jot down all the crucial details, do you want a one-day or a seven-day affair? Do you want to invite just family and friends or everyone you’ve met in your life? Should your wedding meal be served on a traditional plantain leaf or you want your guests to eat out of the hands of a Masterchef? Wedding planners give you the answers to these questions and you’ll have a clearer idea on how much money will go into the extravaganza.

List Your Priorities

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Once you have the answers to the big questions see what really matters to you. Some couples want to shower their guests with gifts and souvenirs; others desire a grand venue; while some prefer extensive entertainment plans! You may want a trousseau with the works, other brides might want to wear the saree that their grandma got married in. So, ask yourself what are the absolute must-haves at your wedding. If you end up with a simplistic list, you can make a saving there and direct the money towards something that is important to you.

Call And Compare

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When you plan a wedding, you’ll know its not easy work. Especially if you want a memorable one! For one, there’s plenty of research involved. Since you have a priority list by now, get on the internet or ask around to find people who can deliver the best services. For example, if you are keen on a candid photographer, scour Facebook or ask your friends for recommendations. Once you have a list, get cracking on it, send out emails or call the photographers and see who will work best for you. Make sure to look at reference works or make the necessary enquires before you sign on the dotted line.

Keep A Record

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This is where your Excel sheet skills are tested! Make a thorough list of all the ceremonies and what you’ll need to spend on – from the flowers for the decor to the bobby pin to an intricate Ice Sculpture (if that’s your style). This will give you a clear picture on what you are spending on. And will help you to perspectivise all the activities and separate the essential from the important. After all it’s all about the Wedding!

Save For Surprises

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Since there are so many factors and people involved in putting a wedding together, you have to stash away for unforeseen expenses. If you are having an outdoor wedding, you may have to invest in canopies at the last moment because of poor weather. Or you may need last minute alterations done to your dresses, even flowers which can lead to unexpected spending. So, make sure you have enough saved to cover everything that you need.

With a little work, you can end up saving a substantial amount on your wedding. So, chalk out an airtight plan that ensures that you have the wedding of your dreams that’s within your budget.

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