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Planning To Put A Ring On It? Here’s A Five Step Guide To The Perfect Proposal

Marriage, you have to agree is an adventure and the first stop on this roller coaster ride is nothing other than the proposal. A proposal has plenty of meaning attached to it. It tells your significant half how special they are, it conveys promises that will last a lifetime and it is one of most memorable moments of your existence. So, obviously, it can’t be anything short of magnificently special! Here’s how you can ensure a dream proposal:

Go Down Memory Lane

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Often people think that a proposal can be memorable only if it’s extravagant. But that’s not the case. At all! You can propose while doing your adorable routine together and it can still leave a massive impression as long as you put thought and feeling into it. The best proposals often involve invoking memories that you’ve shared together. You can pop the all-important question at the cafe where you had your first date or while watching the rerun of a cheesy Bollywood you both secretly loved (until you told each other about it). You can use photos, videos and even witty drawings or signages and props to make it even more fun!

Seal your Lips

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Proposals are supposed to be a jolt from the blue, a complete surprise. Which is why you should make it your life’s mission to keep this a top secret! If you are roping in family members or friends to help you with the proposal, make them swear on their lives to keep it a secret; literally! When you’ve been in a relationship for a while, your significant other may be able to figure out that you are hiding something from them just by glancing at your nervous face and actions since the time you start planning. So, be cool!

What’s Your Plan B?

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Plans can easily go wrong, even the well-crafted ones! That’s why it’s important you have to envision a few different scenarios and prepare when things don’t go smoothly. Say, you are proposing at her favourite park, at sunset and your partner gets delayed. So, the sun has set and the park has closed for the day. What do you do? Don’t panic. Make sure you have other venues like a cozy restaurant or things set up back at home just in case she doesn’t feel like going elsewhere. It will ensure that you don’t have to completely scrap your plans. And of course, it’ll make her love you all the more knowing the efforts you put into the proposal!!

Get the Right Size

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This is the most obvious one! If you are going to put a ring on it, the ring better be the right size. It’s a complete downer when everything goes down beautifully, she says yes but you have the wrong ring. Also, the Proposal ring is something she’ll keep forever so when you are picking one out make sure it’s in-sync with her style and is something she’ll happily wear for the rest of her life!

Share The Love

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The best moments of your life are bettered when you are surrounded by friends and family. So, don’t leave them out of this! Invite them to meet you at the venue, say, around an hour after you’ve proposed. This way you can enjoy your private moments before the party kicks off!

Another great tip is to have a photographer at hand so he can capture the candid moments to remember forever. Perfect proposals are possible if you have planned them right and know exactly what your partner will love. This along with a well formed plan and you’ve got yourself a beautiful memory laced with happiness. Best of luck!

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