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Say Goodbye to The Fuchsia And Choose These Edgy And Unique Looks For Your Bridesmaids

In the past decade or so, everything about the Indian wedding has changed. Brides are not afraid to mix the traditional and the modern, grooms spend as much time sprucing up as brides and the “decor drama” has been completely reinvented. However, there’s one person in the wedding party who hasn’t broken the mold – the bridesmaid, the best-woman! Pink, fuchsia, purples, and peaches still rule the roost when it comes it to bridesmaid dresses. And it’s high time this changes! Here are five looks that are perfect for the 21st century bridesmaid:

Metallic Sheen

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Add a dash of sparkle to your wedding party with bridesmaids sporting metallic sheen. And metallic doesn’t mean blingy and gaudy; you can choose subtle golds, elegant bronzes, rich vintage coppers and glimmering but toned silvers! It’s a trend that’s huge on runways and in fashion stores so it will perfectly fit into your glamorous wedding as well. Plus, metallics will compliment any of the bridal colours beautifully.

Black Beauty

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Black is a timeless colour that works for every set up – from the workplace to a raging party. However, when it comes to weddings, the colour has a mixed reputation. However, you can always opt out of the conventional and stand out from the crowd by choosing the classic shades of black! You can play around with lengths, necklines and cuts that add texture and variety to the bridal party. Also, you can do away with the worry about whether your bridesmaids can carry off this colour since everybody looks stunning in black!

Mix & Match

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Very often bridesmaids looks like they have been mass produced at a factory. The typical colours, the conservative patterns and the same fabrics. If you want to add plenty of vibrancy to your wedding party, we recommend you don’t play by the rules! Rope in your bridesmaids to source a range of colours (these can be shades of one colour or you can do completely different hues) and fabrics. And also get them to suggest what patterns they will be most comfortable in. Sure, this takes extra effort but the results will be stunning and your bridesmaids will be happy.

Print It Out

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Bridesmaids usually shy away from choosing fabrics with prints on them. But we urge you to take the less travelled path and do things distinctively! Prints can go a long way in showcasing your wedding theme while prettying up your photos. Bold floral prints, for example, can convey a vintage theme and add a touch of whimsy. While brushstroke prints can infuse vibrancy to the setting.

Go Ethnic

Traditional weddings will always remain in vogue due to our imbibed family values. The bridesmaids can proudly carry their ethnic look and complement the bride elegantly in all the wedding ceremonies. In a Kerala wedding, for example, you can have your bridesmaids elegantly draped in the traditional cream sarees with gold borders. Or, for a touch of royalty, the bridesmaids can drape in silk. The ethnic look can also be modernised by choosing different ways to wear a regular sari.

Suit Up!

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Why should boys have all the fun?!! Bridesmaids too can doll up in suits for the big day. If you don’t want to go all out with tuxedos and blazers, then try out a major trend that’s emerged recently – classic jumpsuits. Jumpsuits can be delicate, feminine, and flowy. And they’ll still give your wedding party an edgy look. You can always discuss your wedding ideas with your wedding planner who can help you fulfil your wedding dreams.

Your bridesmaids are some of the special women in your life, so it’s great if you can show them just how much they mean to you with carefully crafted looks that will bring out their beauty. After all, a happy bridesmaid can make for a happier bride!

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